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Somatic Coaching

Somatic Coaching is a holistic coaching approach which supports a deep connection with the body’s intelligence and capacity to heal and transform. We will turn our attention to the energy of the body with seated and standing practices which build a greater capacity to act from centre, moving towards what is important to you in life. Working somatically supports accessing a wider range of emotions and being able to move differently in the world. 

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What People Say

"Mark is a shining product of what he coaches and to share the space with him alone brings a trust and calm reassurance! I found the sessions to be productive and life affirming and would highly recommend Mark to anyone."

- Hebe D.

"Mark's traits as a calm, comfortable to be around and understandable person made possible the quick creation of a patient-therapist connection in between the two of us. I've spent in total 10 sessions with Mark on a weekly basis, and I opened up to him shortly after we started. Furthermore, our discussions as well as the techniques he taught me were extremely helpful in my personal development. I still practice them today. The caring, devotion and empathy makes Mark the person who's help you would seek when struggling."

- R.C

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