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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a naturalistic pioneering body-based approach to overcoming stress and traumatic life experiences. By practising slowing down survival responses, getting in touch with sensations in the body and understanding the interconnectedness of body, mind, imagination and emotions, we can move from rigidity to flow. As survival defences stuck in the body get to complete and the bound energy is slowly released and integrated, we move towards embodying more of ourselves. SE is a wonderful approach when treating stress as it works with the natural physiology helping to restore balance throughout the nervous system. Clients report a renewed sense of vitality, confidence, and pleasure in being alive. 

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What People Say

"I came to Mark as I was curious to learn about Somatic Experiencing and how it could help with PTSD and anxiety. He shared with me a number of terrific SE resources that I found very helpful and continue to use regularly. But aside from the resources, it was his grace and humility, his great sensitivity, curiosity and compassionate presence that really touched me. I found his work deeply inspiring and I am keen to continue exploring SE."


- Orlando

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